From the street, the crisp, white cement panels that clad the Oberfeld Residence’s exterior rise a modest 18’ from the street. However, almost secretly tucked away towards the back and the panoramic views, a clean, modern 10,000-square foot home emerges containing two main floors, a basement, a grand lawn, infinity pool, and an all-encompassing view of the Los Angeles basin.

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In plan, the structure is an L-shape, embracing the view across its angled infinity pool.

Staring back at the house from its private landscape, a transparent glass main level is topped by the master and family bedrooms.

The vertical louvers provide a unique architectural contrast to the building’s strong horizontal elements.

Clad in glass and shielded from the sun’s intensity by a series of custom-designed vertical louvers, cut from the same cement panel material that wraps the street façade of the home.

The composition of the home itself is fluid: blending indoor and outdoor spaces with subtle divisions and natural material integration throughout.

Ample public and private areas make the home overwhelmingly livable – a private oasis, harmoniously nestled into this fairly urban environment.

  • Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA
  • House (Single Residence)
  • Square Feet
  • 10000