STUDIO: ZROBIM architects
ARCHITECTS: Yulia Baryliuk, Andrus Bezdar

LOCATION: Minsk, Belarus

AREA: 90 sq.m.

YEAR: 2021


CATEGORY: interior design

PHOTO: Elizaveta Kulenenok

A mix of architecture, color, and non-standard materials in a new interior from ZROBIM architects

The interior of apartment NB11 in the modern residential area «Novaya Borovaya» near Minsk is conceived as a continuation of the bright exterior of the house itself and the residential area as a whole. While working on the project, our task was to create not just a functional interior, which is always very important for architects but also to work on the mood and create a unique image - lively and photogenic.
The apartment is a mix of architectural layout, clean lines, verified composition, which are superimposed on a unique solution in terms of materials and color palette. Together, these techniques create the mood and achieve the desired balance between function and image.

Despite the general minimalism of the interior, it can also be described as bright and charismatic, the interior that combines the character of the place, clients, and our studio.

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When creating the layout of the kitchen-living room, we were guided by the principle of symmetry and linear repetition of space. So, for example, the kitchen duplicates the TV area, relative to which, in turn, invisible doors without an upper lintel are symmetrically located.

Initially, the height of the ceilings in the apartment was 2.7 m and taking into account the sewing for the air conditioner, it became 2.55. And in order not to add additional horizontals to the room and thereby not reduce the height, we used the highest doors from floor to ceiling.

All color accents are united by the porcelain stoneware tiles used on the kitchen island: against the light background, there are splashes of black, gray, and terracotta.

Dominant throughout the project are tiles used in 10 different sizes and colors. We chose wine and its shades as the main color in the interior. The background is achromatic white. Black is used in furniture and decor items.

In the common space of the kitchen-living room, the main accent has become a 10 * 10 cm wine tile located along the contour of the room. The same contour with its geometry repeats the ceiling, thereby creating a more holistic and harmonious space.
Another color accent in the living room is glazed terracotta tiles. In the kitchen, it is located inside a black cube, and in the TV area, it is outside. Thus, an inversion is created that plays interestingly in space and at the same time visually unites both zones.

Details in living space

Entrance area

Entrance area

Tiles along the walls - an interesting architectural trick that allows us to get away from the standard skirting board.

Bedroom in NB11 APARTMENT

Bathroom in NB11 APARTMENT

Bathroom in NB11 APARTMENT

Сhildren's room in NB11 APARTMENT

Сhildren's room in NB11 APARTMENT

Сhildren's room in NB11 APARTMENT

Сhildren's room in NB11 APARTMENT


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