For the design of a small guest cabin with all the fixings on an existing foundation, we treated this 12' x 15' footprint - well smaller than a single car garage - as a little jewel box, packed out with the full functionality of a house four times its size, but efficient and precise to the most minute dimension. Every surface of the house is active and performative, often in multiple ways. The small kitchen and storage zone is tucked in under the narrow stair. A recessed floor at the living room allows for a generous built-in lounge area without dividing the room. The flue of the teeny wood-burning fireplace extends from ground floor to roof line, emphasizing the double-height space above the entry and inviting the guest to look up to the skylight overhead. A solid, reclaimed hickory clad exterior at the North and West facades provide privacy from the main house on the property, while the East and South facades are punched with openings scaled to the programs they serve, connecting the guest to tranquility of the adjoining national forest service land.

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The reclaimed hickory facade of the Micro Cabin by BC-OA is punctured by windows that overlook National Forest Service land.

Fir-veneer plywood wraps the entire interior of a compact guest cabin with a 12-by-15-foot footprint, smaller than a single-car garage.

A micro kitchen tucked in under the open stair, with operable cabinets functioning as stair treads.

The open bedroom at the second floor with built-in desk and shelving. The double height space at image left contains netting which supports the body, providing a spot for a floating perch above the entry.

The bedroom with open bathroom behind. The volume of the bathroom shears the open geometry of the gabled roof form.

Occupying the perch visible through the open shower

The MicroCabin neighboring the National Forest Service Land

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