Melón House represents an approach to the intimate desires of its inhabitants. Its materialization is the example of a custom designed and built space, a very personal design and at the same time, integrated with harmony in its community and neighborhood, as a new gear of a mechanism. Located into a quiet area in Morelia, this project has its roots in the idea of giving meaning of belonging and to make strong the connection with its community for a couple, where the daily activities, uses and inhabitants of the area are relevant to create a construction that dialogues with all these scenarios.

Both the construction process and technical follow-up stages are certainly no less valuable. On the contrary, preliminary perceptions and expectations of what was built there, generated the involuntary but valuable participation and integration of the neighbors and the people who walked by the house through several months, until they finally realized that the final narrative was honesty in their exposed materials, with no additional layers or coatings: timeless and consistent as the primary construction tools and techniques.

The natural expression in the materials, its constructive quality, its routes and uses, are those that characterize the design of the house, both in its inner dynamics and its dialogue with the urban and daily environment; it was about inserting the house, with a surgeon pulse, within an environment that already dictates its own rules.

The modulation, transparency and sobriety of tones, allows to experiment and live a flexible and free space, and to some, a universal and playful space, open to possibilities of varied natures. Beyond a private space, Melón House is understood as a living studio, giving a new meaning to the living machine, where the program prioritizes the common spaces by opening them to the street and to an interior patio through large windows, protecting the personal spaces to the inside.

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located in a quiet area, this house pretends to create a link and dialogue with its neighborhood.

main access

on ground floor, the living areas have privacy from the outside

kitchen area

the modulation allows a free and flexible space

wood elements creates a contrast between the concrete and steel

the final narrative of the project was honesty in their exposed materials

the natural illumination and ventilation is allowed through large windows



neutral and sober tones create a peaceful atmosphere inside



interior patio

checkered windows reminds of an atemporal space and represents the idea of a custom designed home

a game of reflections is created by the handmade smithy and windows.

view from the rooftop

  • Edson Contreras
  • House (Single Residence)
  • Style
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2019
  • Square Feet
  • 160