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Pilar Morejon
Raquel Jimenez
Ioanna Kalyvioti
Manuel Simon
Sophia Latrou
Interior Design
Re-aviva Smart Rebuilding

From Yolanda Reyes

From a dealership-workshop to a project for two dwellings in Madrid Rio.
This project designed by Clap Design for the developer Re-aviva is located in the Madrid Rio district, next to the well-known Matadero cultural project.

The fundamental premise of the project is to enhance storage in a space of less than 40 square metres by taking advantage of the structure of the furniture. This continuous and flexible dwelling can be occupied by 2 or 4 people, depending on the needs.

Wood is the main material and its herringbone layout organises the space. Having all the rooms within one implies using resources to work on intimacy. In these dwellings it has been specialised in two ways: with height and with striated glass that blurs the view from one side to the other. Terracotta accompanies the wood to give greater warmth to the project.

The bathroom is configured in such a way that it accompanies the rest of the project. A bathroom in a house segregated into rooms cannot be the same as in one with all the spaces joined together. The bathroom is separated, with the washbasin always connected to the bedroom, and organised into cabins for the shower and toilet.

The result is a unique dwelling due to its location at street level and its spatial layout, but with all the domestic needs resolved.