House (Single Residence)


Matthew Carbone

From Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

This 2500 sf structure was designed for a multi-generational family. The lot that the house sits on is fairly restricted, not only because of it’s dramatic vertical climb, but also because of the beautiful natural dune that we wished to preserve. The location of the dune informed the location of the house and the pool. The second floor cantilever allows for a smaller footprint on the lower floor and as a result, more open space around the building on the ground floor. This is an upside down house. The entry stairs lead up to the glassed-in entry stair, which leads up to the main living, dining, and kitchen area. The master bedroom is also on this floor, taking advantage of the ocean views. The lower level is made up of the entry and a series of poolside bedrooms, all with individual access out to the pool and deck. Although the house is small, there are a variety of spaces and activities to fulfill the needs of the family. The roof is all deck, providing additional entertainment space and opportunity to enjoy the sun. Structurally, the goal was to design the building using as little steel as possible. It is mostly a wood frame building with some specialized connections. Most of the steel occurs in the cantilever of the wood sunscreen at roof level, and the deck. It also includes the posts that carry the overhang of the master bedroom above.