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House (Single Residence)
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Meggie Bousquet

From Écorce architecture écologique

We are delighted to present to you our ecological architecture project, Les Bases, designed by the team at Écorce Architecture Écologique. This 148m2 (1590 sq ft) house built in 2022 was specifically created for Meggie and Jasmin, a couple passionate about architecture, who both work in the field as a designer and general contractor. Les Bases is an evolving family home that embodies a shared vision of integrating the building into its ecosystem and context.

We drew inspiration from the rich fabric of pavilion-style and village architecture in the St-Denis-sur-Richelieu region, in Quebec Canada, which is home to magnificent heritage houses full of character. Our intention was to create a unique habitat that seamlessly blends into its environment while respecting the existing architectural heritage. We incorporated and reinterpreted distinctive and representative elements from this context, such as roof chimneys and interplay of volumes. The architectural design of the volumes takes inspiration from the surrounding old houses, favoring sobriety through symmetry and functional segregation. A low and delicate volume accommodates the sleeping areas, while a taller and more prominent volume distinguishes the living spaces. The entrance is located at the heart of the house, allowing for a seamless flow from front to back.

The project was conceptualized following passivhaus principles, achieving an air change rate of 0.27 ACH (Air Changes per Hour) at 50 Pa and leveraging bioclimatic advantages such as solar orientation and natural ventilation. The openings have been carefully designed to optimize natural light without causing overheating. The choice of materials complements this approach by providing significant thermal mass. Numerous decisions have been made to promote and democratize ecological construction. Firstly, the ecological aspect was prioritized through the construction of a highly efficient building envelope, with insulation exceeding building code requirements by 30%, resulting in a Home Energy Rating System score of 47. This means that Les Bases is 53% more energy-efficient than a standard new home. Additionally, principles such as advanced framing, which reduces the amount of structural elements required while maximizing insulation, and the use of a monolithic slab on the ground, contribute to reducing the project's carbon footprint and environmental impact, ensuring its long-term durability and resilience. The residence is on track for LEED Platinum certification, the highest level of excellence. Special attention has been given to the selection of materials and components for the house, prioritizing their durability, ecological and recycled nature, while also favoring local products and suppliers, to create a healthy and environmentally respectful living space that aligns with the continuity of the period constructions and the local community.

The goal was to create a house that feels like it has always been part of this countryside landscape. We are proud to welcome you to Les Bases, our ecological and inviting home, ready to provide you with a sustainable and comfortable environment.