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From Andres Felipe Sar

Mabruck House Is a Project Located in an exclusive sector -Lago Calima -Darien. In which we seek to unify the needs of the client with the potential of the terrain and the visual.

Starting from a predefined areas at the request of the client, a project was proposed which has two development perspectives, one in the access part (part of the Casa-CERRADA), we seek to maintain absolute privacy in areas such as service areas (Kitchen, Service, WC) but looking for that the solides of this facade was imposing and clear. Trying to clearly trace the access zone making it the main element of the facade, seeking to encourage the use of straight lines. With lighting elements try to give a new perspective denoting distorted lines that depart from the strict geometry of metal elements (Rusty) that cover an internal garden and strategically cover windows to private areas.

On the posterior façade (towards the lake-OPEN), we sought to evoke the movement of water, (and mountains) reinterpreting the sinuosity with the movement of straight lines and generat-ing walls with angles that seek to direct the visual and take advantage of it from the inner part Of the dwelling .. Always evoking the natural privilege that unfolds in front of the entire façade (Lake) opening with vineyards in all its extension.

The DECK areas have a great importance in the proposal, since they allow to integrate in a single large space, with places like the main living room, kitchen, BBQ areas and swimming pool allowing to integrate the functionality and the total enjoyment of the landscape and the building.