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The M-4 house, located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, is a single-family residential project. It emerges from a topography with a considerable slope. This condition provides the house of privileged view of the valley and integrates it with the natural environment. However, the slanted terrain also represented an important challenge, as the program had to be distributed in a layout that responded to ground conditions while taking the maximum advantage of the land. For this reason the architectural program was divided in two volumes, united through a bridge.

The first block, with the basic architectural program: living room, dining room, bedrooms and services was erected on the main avenue. The house is accessed from the street level, through a slender double height hall that frames the mountain and continues into a fountain with a sculpture as a focal point. A few steps away, one will discover a double-height living room that opens to the surroundings. It is through the staircase, separated by a large wooden lattice, that you access the private area on the upper floor or the service area on the lower level.

The rest of the program, sports and recreation, was concentrated in a second block below the avenue, solving the slope problematic and providing the house with a particular aesthetic. In this second block is the gym, pool, garden and terrace. It is accessed through a perforated steel bridge with excellent views of the city.

The materials and colors of the house blend with the natural environment. Concrete and steel give it a contemporary and dynamic look. Meanwhile, its stone finishes give it character and sobriety, using woods to provide warmth and serenity in private areas. The house is perceived contemporary and fresh through its interior design and artistic selection.