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Lake Island Cabin

Rental for 4 Guests

$178 / night
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Let’s start here: this cabin rental in Rotterdam doesn’t have an address. How’s that for getting lost in nature?

The cabin sits on an idyllic little island on a lake in Rotterdam, and you’ll have to take a little boat to get there. This is one of the main reasons why Arno Schuurs and Paulien van Noort of design agency Qoncepts picked the spot.

It all started with their hankering for something different. Tired of the banality of monotonous housing, the couple set sail on their very own housing adventure. Literally! They built a ship to live on—a perfect fusion of apartment, office, and holiday home—exploring their own country for a year before navigating it to Stockholm, where it was sold, but not before winning the Dutch Design Award in 2007 in the Best Consumer Design category.


Refreshed from their year of adventure, the couple made landfall in a house they designed and built, and it was from there that they embarked on their project of developing small holiday homes in sublime, unusual locations surrounded by nature.

The duo live and breathe their designs, as is felt in their vacation rentals (click here to see the rest). They inject not just their keen eye and expertise, but also their instinctive understanding of what it is to live well.

The cabin is the very picture of modern luxury: essential yet indulgent, perfectly plugged into its natural environment, and anything but ordinary.
Reachable only by boat, the cabin inhabits its own little island within one of the city’s many waterways. Transported to the site in pieces and installed at the location, the cabin puts the focus on both inside comforts and the natural landscape that surrounds it.

The lofty lounge area includes a warm, wood burning fireplace and windows looking out over the water, with a large outdoor lounge area and terrace. The galley kitchen is sleek and fully equipped with an eat-in dining area and there are two double bedrooms and one bath with room for four (and your dog!).

Furnished with cozy textiles and custom-built furniture, draped in greenery and bathed in sunlight, you become an island all to yourself.