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Built into a wooded hillside in Phuket, Keemala offers a bewitching array of pool villas that range from teardrop-shaped pods to thatched cottages.

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the hushed jungle escape of Keemala in Phuket, Thailand, offers 38 private pool villas and cottages that call to mind a coastal, tropical Shire. Though each accommodation is unique, all boast sleek, organic interiors with glittering mosaic walls and floors; charcoal tones and cherry wood; circular sofas; rough-hewn, boulder-sized stone tubs; and personal plunge pools in varied dimensions.

The Bird's Nest Pool Villas, inspired by the Rung-Nok (Nest) Clan of artists, musicians, astrologers, philosophers, and poets, includes a private pool and sundeck.

The immersive resort experience stems from a fictitious history of four Keemala clans—Earth, Wanderer, Sky, and Nest, each with its corresponding lodging. The Pa-Ta-Pea (Earth) Clan is represented by the Clay Pool Cottages, each with views of the rainforest from the outdoor terrace. Just beyond lie the lands of the Khon-Jorn (Wanderer) Clan with luxe tents with plush interiors, monsoon and outside showers, and a stand-alone tub; the tent can be entirely unzipped for full jungle immersion. From the Rung-Nok (Nest) Clan come thatched domes resting high above with individual lap pools, grand terraces, and warm interiors melding wood and stone.

Cocoon loungers hang by the infinity pool in one of the Tree Pool Houses, inspired by a mystical We-ha (Sky) Clan, a creative group that included healers, creators, architects, and inventors.

The Clay Pool Cottages were designed to embody the culture of Keemala's Pa-Ta-Pea (Earth) Clan, which consisted of farmers, fishermen, carpenters, blacksmiths, and miners.

The balcony overlooks the infinity pool of the Tree Pool House.

Relax in the private pool extending from the Tree Pool House.

The thatched spa rooms offer a suite of rejuvenating services.

Circular patterns run rampant in the Mala restaurant.


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