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House on Prenzlauer Berg

House (Single Residence)

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Loft Kolasinski
Interior Design
Loft Kolasinski
Karolina Bąk

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House on Prenzlauer Berg is a minimalist interior design located in Berlin, Germany, designed by Loft Kolasinski. The design of a newly built home in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin has used furniture designed and made by Loft Kolasinski: a bed, a chaise lounge, a table, a bench, and hangers. In addition, the project uses unique furniture, lighting, and vintage carpets from the 50s and 60s originating from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Poland. In addition, unique graphics from the Polish artist Stanisław Dawski dating back to the 1950s and the painting by the Brazilian painter Aecio Sarti were used. The unique detail of the equipment is made by traditional Polish pottery clay dishes and pots.