From Tsukasa Okada / 2id Architects

A house is located in north of Hamamatsu city in Japan, and it is surrounded by mandarin plantation on mountain which is feature of the area.
Its interior space are equally divided into two different sections, Indoor and semi-outdoor space, to get the sense of relationship between nature and inhabitation that has been lost in modernism.

Large part of the indoor space is allocated to living room to enrich communication between the family, whilst the other rooms are minimized. The other half, semi-outdoor space is covered with pergola surrounding the indoor space. It allows residents to bring their indoor activities into buffer zone between the living room and magnificent landscape whilst they feel sense of local environment. The pergola is consisted with complex stripe pattern which gives poetic silhouette changed by angle of sunlight to give users sense of time.

In terms of materiality, scraped mortar with crashed white rock as a local material are applied to the wall. The wall continues from outside to the inside with same material to connect both sections. Additionally, both side of the walls have finished by different scraping equipments to soften indoor space.