The freestanding four-storey house was built in the late 1920s as part of a larger development composed from detached single houses of the same type. The small-scale rooms arrangement, typical for that time, is adapted to the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. The basic idea of the renovation project is to create a wide range of visual connections between spaces without neglecting the individual usage requirements of every room.

As a general rule, we preserved the found original materials and tryied to release the original character of the house. In places where this was not possible we used adequate new materials. The old wooden staircase is being renovated and, as a contemporary witness, takes over the function of being the central circulation element oft he house. A new house front door with glass insert provides more daylight at the entrance. The main bathroom is repositioned and can therefore be designed to be more generous. The dining room is merged with the living area. The floor plan is rearranged to create one big openspace that is directly connected to the garden. The facade was restored, the attic floor was expanded and all technical and electrical installations were adapted to today's requirements.

Object: Single House Renovation, ZH [Switzerland]
Procedure: Direct commission

Construction time: 2016 - 2017

Design + Images: Offizin für Architektur GmbH

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