This vintage 24' Argosy had seen better days when we got our hands on her. The interior was previously gutted and called for a complete overhaul. The client needed a home studio where she could both create jewelry and have it on display for potential buyers. She requested a mostly open layout with plenty of storage for materials and room to work comfortably. We mixed her current Ikea units with custom built-ins to create a 360 desk space and display cases to showcase her beautiful wares.

Since the client collects materials for her jewelry on the beach, it was only fitting that we used the ocean-side as our inspiration for the design. Sourcing cues from traditional Hampton styles and the textures of the sea, we mixed natural tones into a clean, open space. White walls and faux reclaimed wood keep her creations center stage, while touches of driftwood and metal add weight to the light interior. Now this East Coast small business has a unique place to house handmade treasures all summer long.

Model: 1974 Argosy / Renovation Completed: May 2016
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Gogo, Exterior / High polished shell with freshly painted gloss black endcaps.

Gogo, Exterior / Original Argosy emblems were repainted to match the sleek aesthetic.

Gogo, Exterior / She sits just outside of a beautiful home in Shelter Island reflecting her surroundings.

Gogo, Exterior / Polished metal offset by black accents. The look mimics some of the jewelry created inside; polished dark stones set in silver pendants.

Gogo, Showroom / Ikea units were integrated into the curved space with custom built-ins. They include a hidden utility box and sound system, open display cases, and a narrow planter.

Gogo, Showroom / The panoramic front windows are the perfect source of natural light for new creations.

Gogo, Showroom / Open-faced display cases, back-lit with LEDs, offer a fully customizable surface for wares to be exhibited.

Gogo, Showroom / We turned average pine board into glamorous driftwood through layers of stains, paint, and quite enjoyable distressing techniques.

Gogo, Studio / The surface between the showroom and studio uses the driftwood as well to tie the two zones together. Here, transactions or meetings with clients can occur. Or it can be used as additional work space.

Gogo, Studio / A small industrial sink by a convenient soldering station.

Gogo, Studio / View from the back desk. A leaf can flip up to create a 360 workspace.

Gogo, Interior / View from behind the meeting space.

Gogo, Interior / We kept the wheel wells open for the use of attractive storage containers or more display opportunities. The ends can also be used for seating and have built-in speakers.

Gogo, Exterior / We updated the tail lights from the bulky traditional Argosy models. It gives the back a cleaner, ultra slick appearance.

Gogo, Before / Just after the shell and frame were separated. When the restoration process truly begins!

Gogo, Floorplan


  • Office
  • Style
  • Traditional
  • Year
  • 1974
  • Square Feet
  • 146
  • Press