The Project by Patrícia Martinez Architecture was inspired on an European chalet Hotel and exceeded the owners expectations on comfort and innovation

Located in Aspen Snowmass, the 596m² house was built in 1990 and recently transformed into a charming shelter by Brazilian architect Patricia Martinez. The house renovation was planned to attend the needs of a family of four, a couple and their two children. They have been frequenting Aspen for the past 18 years and fell in love with de Snowmass spot a couple of years ago.

The GAD 563 program complements the main house’s project and adds to it a sophisticated three store recreation area with a dining room, lounges, guest rooms, kids’ room, ski room, gym room, barbecue space and a great spa area. The architect was careful to not create idle spaces and maintain the language of the other house, European oak and well coated.

Originally from São Paulo, Patrícia Martinez worked thoroughly during a whole year, taking trips to the renovation every forty days. The architect worked with local partners Menendez Architects and WHB construction. The reform was ginormous, and the architect did some big changes on all the glass windows, lightening, and redistribution of inside spaces.

The space was inspired on a chalet hotel the owner couple visited in Europe a couple of years ago. They wanted to feel as welcome, cozy and comfortable as they felt in that hotel. So, the architect decided to bring textures, wood, leather and other elements that brought that feeling. The result is an unbelievably breathtaking shelter that became a retreat for a family to spend quality time together, it exceeded the owner’s expectations.

GAD 563 is in the mountain and has direct access to the ski slope. So, the house becomes a living area where the family gathers to practice the sport. The house also has two changing rooms, for man and woman, a massage room, a ski room and a spa area with a jacuzzi, indoor pool, two steam rooms, wet and dry, and finally a cryo bathtub.

The program maintains the clean dash and strong on oak wood, as well as the comfortable furniture, that pleads to be as cozy and synesthetic as possible. The base is monochromatic, and the collection of art is a selection by the house’s owner that fully came from Brazil by Brazilian artists.

As of providers, the furniture is from DPOT, ETEL, Flos and Kettal. There are also objects by Italian brands Cassina and B&B Itália. The lamp on the ski room is Artemide and the lamps on the dining room are by Brazilian brand Dilux.

The spa area brings geometric tiles on the walls that eventually become a triangular wood trim. Also, in the spa, the floor is porcelain and the mirrors are by Fritz Hansen. The color presence is punctual on the spa area that has a close view to the ski slope with a big glass window that in its turn, has a mirrored glass, so the people on the outside can’t see what happens inside and there can be privacy.

The ski room has a lot of technology. There are heaters through all the space and special heating for gloves and boots. The ceramic hangers are by Brazilian designer Flavia Del Pra and each one of them has a different design. The cabinets and wardrobes are by Brazilian brand Florense and the kids room wallpaper is by Orleans.

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