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Drift House

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It would be a missed opportunity if a Victorian seaside town called Port Fairy were anything less than magical. Fortunately for all involved, it’s not the case. A few short years ago it was voted “most livable town in the world,” and its historic style and splendid coastline make it tempting indeed. And Drift House just might be one of the most livable small hotels in the world — it’s not just an architectural marvel, combining a classic Victorian house with an uncompromisingly modernist addition, but it’s owned and operated by a family with a keen sense of what really matters in hospitality.

Don’t miss the “small” part: Drift House has just four suites, two in the original “bluestone” house and two in the modern addition. They’re all completely different, but all more or less equivalent in comfort, give or take a bathtub here or a fireplace there. They’re stylish but not gimmicky, and they’re substantial enough to feel more like apartments than ordinary hotel suites. And while breakfast is the entirety of the food service, it’s quite a breakfast; for lunch and dinner you’ll be only too happy to ramble around Port Fairy — perhaps on a hotel-provided cruiser bike — in search of a bite.

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