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Diamond Heights Eichler


Jason Kotas


From Yama Architecture

Previously the home of the American figurative painter Joan Brown, this San Francisco Eichler home at the top of Diamond Heights was purchased by one of our long term clients who is a senior director at Apple. The house was large, but was suffering from a lack of natural light, a funky layout, and hodgepodge finishes. When we discussed the owner’s wish list, he asked that, in addition to the solving the programmatic and functional requirements, we also provide interesting, unexpected details.

We added more glass at the front, and a new landscaped and fenced garden that provided warmth and cheer in what is a notoriously foggy and windy area of the city. The radiant floors were repaired, and a new topping slab of concrete was added. The Kitchen is now a hub of activity for the owners and their two small children. A second phase for the house is currently being designed.