Casa Quieta is a residential cluster in the northern part of Cuernavaca with a mild microclimate, rich topography and biodiversity: ponds, streams and Cuernavaca´s profuse vegetation. This natural richness became the design principle for each space in Casa Quieta 12. Architecture unfolds from sights, orientation and trees merging harmonically.

The house essence builds up from its context: its principal axis emphasises the void between trees with geometric lines it approaches the landscape’s fluency. The design premise was a negotiation with nature: to spread out or fall back where it demanded so; always looking after interior distribution and composition. Privacy coexists with magnificent open views through terraces and gardens. A blind façade to the street solves this paradox and creates great contrast when crossing the threshold into open and luminous spaces.

Design axis and volumes respect a simple triple-gesture: (1) the original trees create a void between the street and the main door , (2) a straight line traced from a Magnolia in the entrance patio and a Pine tree in the horizon becomes the main axis and, (3) in order to achieve the best orientation and respect privacy of the adjacent property, the volume bends. The house was designed on three principles: aperture, tension and containment. Three volumes are interwoven by the three main axis which always directs to framed views of the wilderness outside. Integration to the natural context is reinforced through materials: stone, marble and wooden flooring, yellow stone walls and glass towards natural views.

Architecture is sensitive to nature without sacrificing habitability. Transparent and double height corridors let you walk comfortably from one space to another. Dining and living rooms privilege family life with outstanding views having the possibility to unfold towards the exterior. Bedrooms are totally blind towards the street and open to landscape becoming private panoramic viewpoints of the horizon. The study is a flexible space. It can become a Family room, visit room or playroom and with an independent access and curtain walls that opens widely to the garden enabling a tight relationship with nature.

Following Schelling´s idea which describes humanity as the void where nature is able to self-reflect, Casa Quieta 12 opens a space for contemplation of nature.

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Modern home with Outdoor, Back Yard, Small Pools, Tubs, Shower, Trees, Infinity Pools, Tubs, Shower, and Concrete Pools, Tubs, Shower. Terrace and swimming pool Photo  of CQ12

Terrace and swimming pool

Modern home with Outdoor, Small Pools, Tubs, Shower, Back Yard, and Concrete Pools, Tubs, Shower. Swimming pool Photo 2 of CQ12

Swimming pool

Modern home with Windows and Metal. Main axis Photo 3 of CQ12

Main axis

Modern home with Dining Room, Table, Ceiling Lighting, Chair, and Travertine Floor. Dinning and kitchen Photo 4 of CQ12

Dinning and kitchen