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From Hajnalka Ilyes

This project presents the arrangement of a 3-room apartment and two bathrooms, located close to the center of Bucharest, offering an exciting view over the city. Calin and his family wanted the new home to be warm and energetic. The dwelling was purchased with ready-made finishes, which is why only a few colors were added in some areas of the house, in contrast to the furniture: green in the hallway and living room, beige in the matrimonial bedroom. Pastel colors have been used that blend perfectly with oak wood, offering a pleasant and spacious environment.

The main area of ​​the apartment is the living room, which can be reached by crossing a small hallway. These two areas reveal the passions and family hobbies: the rack holds a tennis racket, the bookshelf with one of the best books in the world and photographs made by the owner. The sofa is positioned in such a way that the view can be admired constantly; being the perfect place to have relaxing moments with a good book. The tour of the house can continue on the balcony, where two chairs and a wooden table were placed, creating an ideal place to enjoy the morning coffee with a magazine with a dear person.

The kitchen is small but organized, satisfying all the family needs. For this room, as with the rest of the house, warm colors were chosen in combination with wood.
The girl's bedroom is enveloped in magic by a painting that symbolizes her passion for birds. The open finishes, the colors and the design of the furniture objects, together with the natural light, respectively the artificial light, create a dynamic, yet welcoming and relaxing space at the same time.

The matrimonial bedroom perfectly blends warm colors and textures with paintings, and the pick up gives a relaxed atmosphere.

 The entire furniture, presented through the pictures and described here, was made on order in accordance with the requirements of the beneficiary.