Project Description:
Transforming 1914 Mediterranean Screen Porch into an airy and functional Family Room:

When my client first came to us with the task of converting their out dated 1914 Mediterranean screen porch into a functional and airy family room for their growing family, we envisioned a space that would not only accommodate my clients needs but would also incorporate the existing 1914 Mediterranean architecture of the existing house.

We started drawing up ideas for the space, we needed to make it so that they would be able to comfortably accommodate 10-15 people. The biggest challenge that we tackled was the seating. We designed it so that everyone in my client's family could have a space to sit and enjoy their time in the space. I worked with my team to incorporate a variety of different pieces of furniture into the design. We ended up using a three seated sofa, 2 ottoman, 2 standing chairs and 3 floor cushions. All of these pieces worked well in the space and provide comfortable and functional seating options for my client and their family.

After our design was finalized we provided our construction document, CAD drawings, to our construction team and we were ready to start demolition by Late autumn. We started updating the porch by implementing a new heating and cooling system into the space. We removed the existing floor and built a new crawl space to and new enclosure walls and windows to allow natural light to flow through the room. With the addition of a new gas burning fireplace, custom cabinetry and new flooring the room finally started to meet my clients needs. Once the construction became finalized we started working on the interior design color pallet. We brought in crisp blue paint to help tie the room back into the rest of the house. For projects like this one, finding the right color pallets is essential to making the single room mesh seamlessly with the pre existing house.

The room is now a spacious area that meets my clients needs, allowing them to entertain their family and friends.

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