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Casa Solo Pezo

House (Single Residence)


Square Feet


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Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

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Sitting on the edge of Puertos de Beceite national park in Aragon, Spain, is Casa Solo Pezo, the first property in the Solo Office collection of cutting-edge, architect-designed vacation rentals.

Designed by the award-winning and MoMA-exhibited Chilean architects at Pezo Von Ellrichshausen, Casa Solo Pezo features a large concrete square structure that's set on top of a smaller concrete square base.

On the ground level, a square, concrete base serves as a pedestal for a larger square-shaped structure that rests upon it.

The larger square on the upper level extends beyond the base structure, with its sides cantilevering above the tree line. Around this larger square are walls of glass that slide away for enhanced connectivity with the outdoors.

The base structure of the two-story house encases an interior courtyard and pool, while the second-story structure orbits around the periphery.

Though Casa Solo Pezo’s architecture and material palette is thoroughly modern, the proportions and layout of the interiors follow those of traditional Mediterranean homes with a strong indoor/outdoor connection.

From one corner of the base square, concrete steps extend to the upper level, where the kitchen, communal lounge area, and bedrooms are arranged around the courtyard and pool along the sides of the square.

Generous terraces that look out to the surrounding valley are located at the four corners of the upper-level square.

Set amidst a forest in a rocky, mountainous landscape, the T-shape profile of the concrete house harmonizes well with its surroundings. At night, it looks like a glowing lantern in a sea of trees.

The house, which is entirely solar-powered and off the grid, can accommodate up to five guests and is available for rent through Boutique Homes.