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Casa Luum

Rental for 7 Guests

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Alexander Bogorodskiy

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Casa Luum lies at the end of an old dirt road in a nature reserve in Faro, its milky whites blending smoothly into the progressive blue of the sky. This 2500 square meter plot once housed a ruin left to nature, where hundreds of olive, almond, and cork trees and wildflowers grew.

Designed by internationally renowned Portuguese architect Pedro Domingos, this modern installation employs a fresh, selective approach to minimalism and simplicity. The bleached structures form a series of interrelated living areas following the fundamental principles of contemporary Alentejano architecture.

The plants that lived on the land still have their place within the careful lines of this holiday home that treads gently like a polite guest. The owner worked with Lisbon-based botanical architects Sigmetum who collect seeds from the wild to cultivate them in their nursery so Casa Luum’s garden grows with the land’s endemic species. Local herbs and aromatic plants abound, perfect for your cooking, infusions, or aromatic treatments.

Expansive and bright, with simple understated luxuries and smart, minimalist decor including locally made ceramics, pottery and blankets by Casa Cubista in Olhao, each of the living areas are bright airy spaces punctuated with multiple windows and angles that capture and reflect the natural light.

The living room features a fireplace designed in 1965 by architects Alfonso Mila and Federico Correa surrounded by lounge areas next to the eat-in kitchen with both indoor and outdoor dining areas.

With four large bedrooms and two full baths, the house sleeps seven comfortably and is family friendly. Each bedroom features private terrace access in peace and privacy. The house has also integrated many eco and sustainable practices such as solar energy and high grade insulation to heat and cool naturally.

The lovely sheltered pool features shaded lounge areas and there’s a fantastic rooftop terrace for dining, lounging and stargazing.

We love the lightness of this gem that reflects the day and glows softly in the evening. When the sun is out, it casts beautiful geometric shadows on itself like minimalist paintings. Every line is perfectly juxtaposed, making each nook and corner a visual delight.