Volumes exploited create the distribution of the spaces and the environment of Kalyvas House on a plot of 900 m2. This volumetric management creates 5 facades composed of elements of concrete, stone, wood of Parota and rings of steel beams that surround the work by joining the architectural volumes.

The main idea was to create most intimate moments that will be in balance with the great views to the environment.

Kalyvas House is fully integrated with the environment that is located in a unique condominium that respects more than 200 trees of Parota in the city of Colima, with a micro-climate and a little river, being completely enveloped by this vegetation, in all senses.

Kalyvas does not end with the physical limits of the terrain, but rather on the outer limit of the environment, most of the times green, and in some seasons of the year of the immense branches of the Parota trees that create a play of light and shadow changing within all interior and exterior spaces.

The geometry in volumes of forms very straight that is generated among the architectural elements allows you to give different views and generating unique environments with the help of the different interior gardens, leaving open spaces, illuminated but at the same time very private.

The complexity of the correct handling of the concrete, and the union of the ceiling tiles with the perimeter ring of steel beams, the unique Mexican artisan labor for the detailed work of the concrete and the arrangement of the stone were fundamental to build Kalyvas House.

The central courtyard is designed to the swimming pool and area of coexistence, which is the heart of the housing. Creating a terrace surrounded by vegetation and a great ceiba that crosses the same, listening to the soothing sounds of the source of your entire environment.

The gardens are an essential part of the project, creating different atmospheres in each of the spaces, leaving the feeling of freshness.

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Concrete & Concrete



Under the trees


Steel Detail

Iluminated kitchen

Details everywhere

Pure concrete & steel

Volumetric design

Natural materials

Volumetric design

Volumetric concrete design

Shadows on materials

Tree siluets

Principal Facade

Shadows follows Architecture


The tree

Lateral facade

  • Matia Di Frenna Muller
Interior Design
Landscape Design
  • Oscar Hernández


  • 2016
  • Lot Size
  • 900