cart house #007

オークランド, オークランド, ニュージーランド
  • オークランド, オークランド, ニュージーランド
  • Structure
  • Mobile Home
  • Type
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2016
  • 2016
  • This project page was created by community member Chris Berthelsen

    Lightweight house for hand-pulled cart.

    Constructed of neighbourhood waste, including:
    > Bamboo cleared from boundary of newly bought house to let in more light,

    > Mattress bags from dumpster behind local furniture store

    > Robust wooden electrical wire reel from local lighting factory

    > Bicycle inner tubes

    > Plumbing tube securing wooden frames from bathroom factory

    > Gifted blue astroturf

    built as part of

    Reclining in cart house #007

    Photo Courtesy of Chris Berthelsen

    construction shot

    Photo Courtesy of Chris Berthelsen

    construction detail

    Photo Courtesy of Chris Berthelsen
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    Chris Berthelsen
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