A sober environment that mixes art and design. That's how Apartment 501's project was conceived.
When the client reached our office, he had already done the entire intimate area of the apartment. Therefore, to have unity between spaces we worked with elements that had already been used, such as the wall, doors, and floor tones. With such in mind, we searched for elements that would bring something different to the project. The black concrete wall with exposed aggregate was one of these elements, as well as the glass partitions that delimit social living from the dining room, and the dark wooden panels, which make the space more sophisticated.

The living room's layout was designed to be a multifunctional space. One can either relax and read a book, entertain friends for casual encounters, or even for a party! For such, we designed a bar that is hidden by wooden panels, and when opened, a tensioned screen with light illuminates the drinks.

The choice of furniture was a mix between the client's own collection and pieces by Brazilian designers selected by us. Among them are Sérgio Rodrigues' Mole Armchair, Domingos Tórtora's Água Table, Giácomo Tomazzi's Bella Donna Armchairs, and Jader Almeida's Twist Table.

The pieces of art could not be any less! We sought contemporary national artists such as Eliane Prolik, Julia Kater, André Azevedo, Alexandre Frangioni, and André Mendes.

In the dining room, the highlight is "Floating Nuclei" by the plastic artist Ildeu Lazarinni, who composed the work especially for this ambiance.

Thiago Tanaka uploaded Apartment 501 through Add A Home.
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