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An active couple wanted a simple and clean, yet tough and durable, retirement home. Sited in a cattle pasture in rural Mississippi, this house is a retreat for an active couple to escape busy city life. Appreciating the simple agrarian structures of the region, the clients requested a house that was simple and clean, yet tough and durable. The owners are avid chefs and enjoy outdoor activities like cooking, biking, swimming and dining. A linear bar forms the primary body of the house with its proportions intentionally exaggerated to create a long line when viewed from a distance. The simple form of the shed profile creates a gable when combined with the projection to the rear which frames the pool.

The entry sequence begins with a courtyard that punctures the roof and is framed by the screen porch and carport. The screen porch, rear covered porch and the outdoor dining space extend the interior space for outdoor entertaining. Visitors enter into a gallery which continues outdoors under a deep overhang along the edge of the pool. The linear organization of the interior spaces allows the inhabitants to maintain a visual connection to the pastoral landscape from any room in the house. The location of the dog yard and laundry were integral to the design because of the large rescue animals the owners save. A centrally located storm room with concrete walls and ceiling offers a refuge during storms and doubles as a wine cellar. Clad in galvanized metal, the house reflects the changing colors of the sky and landscape and melds into the tall pasture grass much like the old barns of the region.