House 360° is built in Vienna, in 14th district.

It is situated on one dead end of the street, with the free view to the west and to the north, on the north-west slope on the boarder to the Vienna Forest. The house is based on three layer principle, each one with his own architectural and structural logic.

The base, closed to the south, L-shaped, covered with the corten steel plates, contains the garage, entrance to the house, two rooms with bathroom, technical equipment and the working space with the separate entrance. Both entrances are through the patio that brings the south sun in the rooms, which are also completely glazed to the north terrace with the view into the landscape. One round staircase connect the entrance with the terrace on the second level, around the swimming pound, which has one pool window into the patio.

The middle layer, living and dining area with the open kitchen, is 360° completely glazed, with the sliding doors to the terraces on the west, south and east, and to the swimming pound in the south. The reinforced concrete construction is stabilized with the stairs and the Core, containing 2 small spaces in the middle.

The upper level, with 2 bedrooms with separate bathrooms, wardrobe, and one office with the storage, is constructed as a closed, L-shaped, white volume, levitating over the glass façade of the second level, opened only on the short sides (terraces with sliding doors) and the edges. Only one small, long window between the shelves of the office, looks toward the nature, cut this closed long wall in the north.

Beside the sculptural stairs is a void of elevator shaft, with the glass roof, prepared for the elevator installation if necessary.

The house is a low energy house, with the heating pump and the mechanical ventilation, and preparation for installation of the photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Architect Zoran Bodrozic uploaded 360° Villa through Add A Home.
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North view in the evening

North view with the landscape

Entrance facade

Terrace in the south

Nordeast view


Stairs in the middle level

Living area in front of stairs

Stairs detail

View from the Southeast

Living room

Dining room


Shower roof

  • Lisa Rastl
  • Simon Attila
  • Matteo Malagutti


  • 4
  • Full Baths
  • 4
  • Structure
  • House (Single Residence)
  • Style
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2013