Dwell On This: Knock Out These Storage Hacks This Weekend

Dwell On This: Knock Out These Storage Hacks This Weekend

These quick, easy ways to clear clutter will have you wondering why you didn’t do them sooner.
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  • You'll just need some organizational tools.
  • And a bit of strategic thinking.


  • Shell out a bit of cash for new storage solutions.
  • Or break in those unused containers.


  • Some of these solutions take a matter of minutes.

After a year of hunkering down, what has been your favorite home upgrade? Mine is pragmatic and affordable—but also a bit luxurious: a sheet of black, minimalist stainless steel and an amber glass bottle that add a touch of sophistication to our original, 1930s-era bathroom. Resembling a certain cult-favorite skincare brand, this space-saving solution came in handy as local stores ran out of basics, and I was forced to buy an industrial-size bottle of liquid hand soap. In the process of ditching bar soap, I thought about similar storage hacks around the house.

  • Door hooks: I’d add some by the front door for face masks and accessories, some in the bathroom for towels, and another in the bedroom for robes (another shelter-in-place purchase of mine).
  • Under-the-bed bins: A plastic box for shoes and a breathable bin for blankets and comforters now hide under the bed (instead of our two cats whenever the vacuum turns on).
  • Kitchen wall rack: This wall-mounted storage solution not only adds more precious space above our maxed-out kitchen, but keeps commonly used kitchen utensils and tools hanging within reach—a convenience I praise while preparing every meal.
  • Monitor arm: I’ve already made a case for wall-mounting televisions. I’d advise the same for your computer monitor. I work from a laptop connected to a widescreen display, and upgrading to a desk-mounted monitor arm not only freed up surface space, but eases neck and shoulder strain thanks to adjustability.

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Illustration by Mar Hernández