The Beginner’s Guide to Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

Dreaming of your own veggie garden, but not sure where to start? Here’s how to sprout vegetable seedlings right on your windowsill.
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At a Glance


  • In the realm of gardening, this is low-hanging fruit.


  • A little bit of seed money will get you started.


  • It takes a few weeks for a seedling to sprout—and a couple more before it’s ready to be transplanted.

It’s an almost indescribable feeling: that moment mid-summer when you’re feeding your family fresh, delicious food that you grew from mere seeds. Not only is it incredibly rewarding, but it will also taste better than anything from the grocery store. However, it doesn’t come without a little trial and error—and a whole lot of patience. "For the new gardener, if you’re starting with seeds, there are a lot of challenges, and there is a lot to learn," says Kyle Hagerty of Urban Farmstead. To learn how to navigate a new garden, we caught up with Hagerty and other green thumbs around the globe.

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