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Yamaha Project


!/F (Interface) is a space within Yamaha offices designed for collaborative creation where new ideas are born and developed.

It is an interface (meeting point) not only for people from Yamaha, but also for external individuals and enterprises to cooperate and create new things together.This space allows various product and service ideas, such as music interfaces, to take shape quickly and be converted into prototypes that people can experience for themselves.

The word ‘experience’ aims for this space to become more of a tool rather than an actual place.

We created an experiment using material samples, post-it notes, whiteboards and any other elements that would be needed for the activities carried out within this space. The room was built with these elements arranged around the room, not by storing them away but by using them as components of interior design, converting the room into a carefully designed space for those particular activities. For example, post-it notes were affixed along one wall as if they were tiles. These post-it notes can of course be used as normal when discussing ideas, but they also act as interior design elements featuring bright colors that contribute to creating an open and friendly atmosphere.

In front of the post-it notes wall, there are four whiteboards. The whiteboards can move sideways along the rail and they can also rotate outward so you can use the other side, allowing you to progress multiple projects at the same time. The whiteboards can also be moved closer or further apart in order to join up or separate various ideas. By rotating the whiteboards by 90 degrees, you can also partition the room into informal sections.

In this space, the post-it notes are not only tools, but also elements used for interior design.

The whiteboards act as tools, interior design elements and also furniture.

Our objective was to take traditional definitions and reinterpret them in order to blur the boundaries between tools and furniture, interior design elements and tools, and places and tools, so that a space could become not only a place, but sometimes also a tool, allowing users to enjoy more of a personal experience.