Collection by Heather Corcoran

Would You Live in a House With a Colorful Exterior?


With their bold and unusually colored exteriors, these six houses put a new spin on curb appeal—and give Roy G. Biv a run for his money.

Two-foot-deep windowsills were carved out of the facade to augment the home's sculptural profile.
The home was designed as a “box within a box,” in which two interior structures—an open-plan living space and two en...
Arango's 1,000-square-foot home in Amherst, Massachusetts is run entirely by solar power.
When it came to color, the Esers didn't want to limit themselves.
“How would a kid draw a house?” architect Per Franson asked himself when designing the Olivero-Reinius family home in...
The blue porcelain tiles covering the house’s exterior are typical of commercial buildings of earlier decades.

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