Collection by Alexander George

Whimsical Floating Lamps


Straight out of a sci-fi movie, Crealev makes lamps that use opposing magnets to float the top section in the air. The idea came from designer Angela Jansen and electrical engineer Ger Jansen, both based in the Netherlands. They also make floating shelves, like the Floating Smartphone Display, that are mainly produced for brands looking to attract attention at trade shows, but are available for home use as well. Available online, from €980.

Both the Eclipse and Silhouette lamp models produce light with low-energy LED bulbs embedded in the lower half of the...
The Eclipse is mounted on a clear foot that houses a black power cord, which adds to the appearance that it is floating.
The Silhouette model comes with a wood base coated in glossy paint.
You turn the lamp on with a strangely low-tech button embedded in the fabric-covered power cord.
The manufacturer advises to keep magnet-sensitive items like credit cards at least an inch away from the magnets.

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