Collection by Alexandra Chang

What iOS 7 Would Look Like in Your Home


Apple's latest mobile operating system iOS 7 is set to launch in September. The redesign is radically different than what we're used to seeing on our iPhones and iPads today. Instead of icons and apps with depth and faux-material backgrounds, Apple has opted for a flatter, cleaner look. There's also a translucency to the experience, and much more animation and motion. Almost every built-in app and experience has gotten a makeover. In honor of Apple's coming launch, Justin Wagoner at The Agency San Diego has created images of what iOS 7 might look like should it take over everyday items in our home. Considering Apple is at the forefront of mobile design, Wagoner's designs don't look farfetched at all. They might be just around the corner.

The microwave gets a very simple makeover, with typography that matches what appears in iOS 7.
Coffee makers like this Cuisinart feature smart tech in sharp packaging—but they still clutter my counter.
The flip switch is so blase.
The TV menu gets a translucent overlay, so you don't miss too much of the screen.
Even the window shades have the arrows to match the ones in iOS 7, and are a bit translucent too.
It looks beautiful on the bedside table.
It's not hard to envision an Apple refrigerator that tells you what you're running out of and feeds you new recipes.