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WF Magazine Side Table


For our October issue we're celebrating the best in American design, so we recently got on the phone with Parsons-trained furniture and lighting designer Joshua Howe who spoke to us from his Hudson, New York, workshop about the new WF Magazine Side Table. "The idea is a simple geometric structure with pieces that can be added to it," he says of the steel-framed table. The modular system includes options for both a concrete slab to sit or store things on and a magazine rack. The tables sell for $2,300 and can be purchased through the Culture and Commerce Project in Hudson. Read on for a breakdown of how Howe brings the WF Magazine Table to life.

Here's the finished product, a 32" x 12.5" x 15" table with a removable concrete panel and space for four magazines.
Howe will also customize the design such that it could be all magazine rack, a full-on concrete-topped bench, or he...
The magazine rack is also made of welded steel, and though it fits over the top of the frame it can easily be removed.
Typically it takes Howe a day or two to finish the metal frame. "It takes patience to make it look seamless," he says.
When it comes to pouring the concrete panel, Howe relies on a mold.
The concrete Howe uses for the slab is a standard mixture that he's perfected through "tweaking and experience." When...
With the wet concrete in place, he adds a mix of slurry and pigment.
Because the edge of the slab is exposed, Howe uses a trowel to work the pigment all the way through.
Once he's got the desired look, Howe then commences the drying process, which can take up to a week.
After a wet sanding, he polishes the slab starting with a 50-grit paper and moving all the way up to 300.
The finished slabs can take on a couple different qualities.