Collection by Claire Andreas

Well-Designed Dining Room Tables


The table is imperative to creating a dining room. How much attention it grabs, however, is up to you. Here are five equally sleek tables that can be the most prominent piece of furniture in the house, or can fade into the background.

Part of the Pedestal collection introduced by Eero Saarinen as an answer to "the ugly, confusing, unrestful world" that...
The Bedrock Plank A table is made from solid walnut tree trunk planks, which are held up by a raw iron base that offers...
The Vanity Table from Magis features rounded corners and either a mirrored or glass surface.
Italian furniture designer Exteta handcrafts the right-angular Zen table from solid Canadian red cedar.
The clear surface that tops Patricia Urquiola's Lens table offers "a great feeling of depth" to the room by the film...