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Front doors we adore

Doonan stands next to the front door. “We have flamboyance, and we’re not inhibited about anything.
The house uses solar panels and water tanks to function off the grid.
The concept is adaptable for both land and sea.
With his son, William, watching, architect Noah Walker tries out the floor-to-ceiling Schüco glass doors he integrated...
A beloved Japanese tradition is to char exterior cladding to make it fire resistant.
The narrow entrance hall faces another door, which opens seaward. Built-in cabinets serve as both storage and display.
The house is entered through a Visteon steel door by Neoporte, who also provided the solid core birch interior doors.
The door to the house is actually on the side of the house, further adding to the sense of privacy the Shozis sought.
Gray-purple iron railings, a fuchsia and green wooden entry, and garage doors provide contrast to the white walls of...
“One cannot overstate the importance of the Eames House,” says architect Frank Escher, who will join the discussion on...
The building’s design was determined by the desire for a strong geometric form and by the materials Hunt could find.

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