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Ways to Modernize a Farmhouse


Inspired by architect Lucy Marston's edited farmhouse in the English countryside (featured in our March 2014 issue), we've rounded up a few more modern farmhouse renovations.

“They were really pushing for a traditional farmhouse,” explains architect Matthew Hufft, of the Kansas City–based firm...
The new home’s porches glow like lanterns at night.
Located off the dining room, the deep covered porch features an outdoor countertop and sink for washing vegetables on...
Before the Moumings built their house, they camped out on their six acres while preparing the land for farming,...
Homeowner Tom Givone states, “The hope has been to combine archaic and modern elements in a way that would enhance the...
For a bit of elevation in the overwhelmingly horizontal compound, step onto the deck of the Stealth Barn.
Bold color continues in the entrance hall. The bench is from an antiques fair.
Seed Bank illustration by Wendy McNaughton/Modern Farmer.