Collection by Erika Heet

Ways to Creatively Insulate Your Home


Take the sting out of the colder months with smart, green insulation. Think beyond non-sustainable pink-fiberglass rolls and, with the help of the following homes from the pages of Dwell—start thinking blue jeans, glass, and even hay.

Dunbar and Astrakhan's low-cost, high-impact tour de force is a storefront facade constructed from salvaged...
Workers install bales in the wall that will eventually make up the divide the living room from Bethany Curve, a...
Set amongst the Washington woods, architect Peter Anderson explains that “the floating nature of the design would not...
The use of structural insulated panels (SIPs) throughout the house helped speed the construction process.
The exterior walls of the Bercy house are constructed with Thermasteel, panels made from galvanized steel and a unique...
Sliding aluminum panels on the facade of Green Orchard not only mirror the local flora, they also allow residents Fred...
Throughout the house, materials have been left in their raw forms.
A band of clerestory windows illuminates the interior.
Brill's practice area features a ’50s Wurlitzer piano and a mid-’60s Ludwig drum kit.

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