Wall Series Metal Wine Racks


The Wall Series started the label-forward wine storage movement in 2001 with a contemporary style unknown to the industry prior. Our patented design puts the label on display, creating artful collections perfect for any room — residential or commercial — and any sized collection.

This large format wine bottle rack holds bottles up to 6L, label forward.
The 4-foot Wall Series segment can hold up to three cases of wine for maximum wine storage potential.
The 3-foot Wall Series segment holds up to 27 bottles of wine.
The 2-foot Wall Series segment is a great stand alone wall mounted wine rack and can be configured with other...
The one foot Wall Series segment is perfect for wet bars or for adding an extra foot of wine storage to larger Wall...
This wine room features a cork floor and natural wood backing, with Wall Series metal wine racks in Satin Black finish...
In the home of an Oregon winemaker, Wall Series metal wine racks in Brushed Nickel finish store hundreds of bottles in...
In actress Denis Richards’ Hollywood residence, Wall Series wine racks in Brushed Nickel finish store bottles,...
Satin Black Wall Series wine racks are attached to a rustic stone wall in this Vail, Co, area basement bar.
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