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Vine Hill Straw Bale Residence


Located on a former Christmas tree farm, the over-grown Scotch pines were removed to reveal pockets of native oak, fir and redwood. Modest volumes are sited to celebrate and enhance this newly revealed landscape.

The board-formed concrete fireplace absorbs warmth from the south sunlight, and re-radiates it into the great room.
The house maximized southern winter sun exposure with clerestory windows throughout.
Connecting halls are glazed to create the sensative of moving outdoors between each of the strawbale structures.
The courtyard, designed by Larman-Garro Landscape, features drought-tolerant native species.
Large barn doors and the courtyard increase the livable space of this modest home.
A small nook provides a place for music-making just off the great room.
From the outside, the music nook emerges from the great room volume, with views to the redwood grove.
The entry opens directly out to the courtyard beyond - stained concrete floors move in and out of the space, creating a...
Native species are integrated into the design.
A scupper throws rainwater into a fountain below, bringing variations in sound and light to the courtyard.
Tucked behind the bookshelves in the master bedroom hall, the bath and master closet look out on the redwoods to the...
Trellises planted with deciduous vines provide shading for the interior spaces during the warmer times of year,...
The main house is just to the east of a stand of redwoods, providing welcome afternoon shade during summer months.
Natural materials and landscape-based shading strategies give richness and texture to the simple passive solar volumes.