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Our mission is to make modern and progressive design that’s also inviting and eclectic. Always playful and pleasing, we like to make art pieces that are the exclamation mark! in your space—pieces that are easy on the eye yet bold. Geometrics, contrast, patterns and textures are things we love and are strongly represented throughout our collection. Our design process starts with studying interior design trends and thinking about what we really want to see on walls. We spend hours on the finishing touches, pushing artwork to its limits to extract all potential variations—playing with visual weight, shapes, materials and texture to deliver something striking and exquisite.

Artwork: Beautiful Blues - Triptych set on Plexi
Artwork: A Day at Sea on Plexi
Artwork: Hushed - Circle on Plexi
Artwork: Old World Map - Triptych Set on Plexi
Artwork: Marble is the New Black No. 2 on Plexi
Artwork: Gold Pool on Plexi
Artwork: Diamond Moon - set of 6 on plexi
Artwork: Blue Moon on Plexi
Artwork: Classic Moon - Set of Six on Plexi
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