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The winglike dips in the roofline situate and hold the house against the region’s brutal winds.
Landscape, the Architect
High up in the mountains of Norway, the V-Lodge’s simplicity in design and choice of materials speak to its wild surroundings.
The airy entrance invites the rest of campus into the school.
A palette of stone, concrete, and greenery greets guests at the home’s front entrance.
The entrance to the living room includes a seating area where guests can remove their shoes.
The Triangle House, 2006.
Logical Extension-A tiny home in the Belgian forest gained some serious square footage with dmvA Architecten's glass...
A series of square cut-outs at varying angles creates similar-yet-unexpected geometric voids that connect each of the...
Multifamily Living: Kevin Daly Architects designed this 33-unit affordable housing complex in Santa Monica, California,...
The long, lean Kobayashi complex includes a bathroom and storage room in the structure on the far right.
The cantilevered “outboard units” of the WoZoCo seniors’ housing complex in Amsterdam maximize daylight in the...

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