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Tips for Tiny Bathrooms


If your itty bitty bathroom is ready for a redo, check out these 12 projects that make the most of limited space with clever tricks.

Faced with the challenge of a 240-square-foot New York apartment in desperate need of a refresh, architect Tim...
To create a sense of visual connection, Vinciguerra and Santiard set a colored window between the two rooms.
The bathroom’s width and reinforced handrails accommodate Wansbrough’s needs.
The house’s small square footage also necessitated that the bathroom do double duty as the laundry room.
Because it’s a small space, it was possible to make everything pristine,” says Dulkinys, standing in her dream...
Linden used standard 2x2 daltile in the bathroom, but swapped out individual tiles to create a custom pattern.
Tiles from Ramacieri-Soligo brighten the bathroom, off the hall.
Chan outfitted the bathroom in marine fir plywood from Rosenzweig Lumber for its resistance to high-moisture...
Popp removed the old bath/shower combo and remodeled the configuration of the shower, which now has one-level access...
A skylight in the compact bathroom opens the space, and green tiles give the room a spa-like feel.
Azevedo shoehorned a small bathroom next to the kitchen, under the dormer.
Black tiles and fittings lend the bathroom a dramatic look. The black bathtub is made of recycled plastic.