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Modern Winter Retreats


These charming cabins offer more than a few reasons to look forward to the snow.

The solar panels on the roof often get covered in a heavy layer of snow, but with periodic clearing, they are as...
The Strolz House nestles in the winter snow at the edge of the Austrian village of Lech.
Here's the cover image in all its glory.
The Bjellandsbu, a 376-square-foot hunting cabin located in western Norway.
Girodo describes LEAPfactory’s architecture as being “molded according to the needs and stresses imposed by context.”...
Delta Shelter in the snow. Photo by Benjamin Benschneider.
The school building sits above the snow, on light piles instead of a permanent concrete foundation.
In 2015, Vipp introduced a 592-square-foot prefab unit called Shelter.
In the winter, instead of floating over the pond, the hut sits lightly above the snow.
Snow Proofed Hillside Family Home in Austria
Most homeowners would avoid living within striking distance of an avalanche, but Marcell Strolz and Uli Alber embrace Alpine...
The structure consists of two curved steel beams, covered with a continuous layer of hand-cut logs of timber — a fusion...
Modern Weekend Ski Home
A modernist cabin in British Columbian ski country is the perfect retreat for a family of outdoor adventurers.
Inside pieces from iconic Danish designers range from Arne Jacobsen, Werner Panton, Børge Mogensen, Hans Wegner and...
The interiors at Brüke 49 are composed of eclectic Scandinavian styles combined with pieces farmers who previously...
The ground floor is comprised of a living room, kitchen, and bathroom that are all detailed with larch wood.
Views of the Orobie Alps can be seen from the home’s windows, which also feature larch frames.
Sylvie Blanchet's chalet in the French Alps...

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