Collection by Allie Weiss

Tiny Dwelling Designed for Solitary Reflection


Czech designer Jiří Příhoda presented this single-occupancy residence, envisioned as a coastal hideaway, in the courtyard of Prague's Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace during the city's Designblok fair.

Dubbed Hermitage 2, the concept was envisioned as a meditative space on the coast, with one half open to the ocean, and...
Příhoda thought that the highly trafficked courtyard in Prague would in a way replicate the ocean setting; the upper...
The lower portion of the structure contains a glass-clad sleeping area, while the upper portion contains a study.
Interlocking composite sandwich panels hold the two halves together.
Metal surfaces are left exposed in certain places, like the passageway, to reinforce the structure's simplicity.