Collection by Aaron Britt

Tiles of Casablanca


Wandering the streets of downtown Casablanca, one sees a whole other use of tile on building facades. Instead of the reddish concrete with colorful accents you see in Marrakech (which I documented here), the White City has a decidedly less decorated feel. As an early 20th century laboratory for art deco, art nouveau, modernist, and neo-Moroccan design, Casablanca emphasizes form over ornament. And yet, that great ceramic tradition can still be felt. Here's a glimpse of the use of tile I saw over the course of a couple days wandering around Casablanca.

The buildings in downtown Casablanca are, as the name might suggest, overwhelmingly white.
I snapped this picture of the side of a local post office.
Here's a bit more of the rich decoration that one gets used to in Morocco.
I snapped this one of a small tiled column in the Marche Centrale where I had my lunch of fresh fish.
In terms of exterior ornament, the crown has to go to the Hassan II mosque.
I had a chance to wander around the facade—my visit did not coincide with any of the guided tours, sadly—but the work...
I think this is my favorite of all the tile photos I took.