Collection by Matthew Keeshin

This Wallpaper Is Irresistible (and the Studio’s Not Bad Either)


Calico Wallpaper founders Nick and Rachel Cope showed us through their home in our March Issue, now step inside their studio.

“We draw inspiration from artists like James Turrell or Donald Judd, who understand color and form in an advanced way.
The Calico collection was the first to be produced by the couple.
The design was created using a mixture of water and gelatin with algae materials.
An installation of Wabi River, a silver-and-gold marbled mural by Calico Wallpaper, cofounded by residents Rachel and...
Painted by hand, then photographed, enlarged, and printed digitally, each of Calico’s designs are made to be...
So what music do designers listen to when work? “It depends who's in charge of the Sonos device that day,” Nick says.
Designers can enjoy a coffee break on the sofa. It certainly beats gathering around the water cooler.