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This Super Green Home in Mexico Embraces Nature Through Huge Pivoting Glass Doors


A modern stone house in Tepoztlán, Mexico, is camouflaged with its rugged landscape.

In a subtropical rainforest in Mexico, architectural firm EDAA was tasked with designing a modern dwelling for a their clients, a couple seeking a low-maintenance and sustainable home where they could regularly host family and friends. The environmental context was as inspiring as it was challenging: The home sits amongst the Tepozteco mountain range, a rugged rock formation home to 500-year-old Aztec temple ruins, about 50 miles outside of Mexico City. This unique landscape proved to be a logistical challenge during the construction process. Limited material supply and lack of modern infrastructure in the remote locale meant the team had to take a creative and flexible approach to the design and building process, favoring natural and local materials wherever possible. The final result is the ultimate indoor-outdoor home, where lines between natural and manmade are beautifully blurred.

With mountains as its backdrop, the home was built on the only area of the site without trees.
From certain exterior angles, the house appears hidden by its environment.
Luis Arturo García, lead designer and partner at EDAA, wanted to create a home that was intimately connected to the...
The home’s living room flows seamlessly into the outdoors.
The dining room, adjacent to the living room, features expansive openings and an oval dining table with mixed-color...
A mesh steel bridge sits above a cast concrete outdoor canopy on the patio.
The airy bedroom also features concrete floors and pine accents, including a traditional Mexican chair.
A solar-heated lap pool sits at the home’s perimeter.
One of García’s favorite features is the extensive hydraulic system, which provides the whole home with water...
Every drop of water that is not captured in the potable water tank is funneled through stone canals to an open...
The home is seen in the context of the natural surroundings, with the iconic Tepozteco mountain in the background.
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