Collection by West Elm

This "Floating Farmhouse" Will Take Your Breath Away!

For the cover story of our January 2016 catalog, the west elm team ventured to Edlred, New York, a small Upstate town close to the Pennsylvania border. The reason for the trek? The so-called “Floating Farmhouse,” a large 1820s homestead purchased and painstakingly renovated throughout the aughts by copywriter-turned-designer Tom Givone. Modernized inside and out, the farmhouse now features a stunning twenty-first century addition, a glass-clad wing with floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding forest and adjacent creek.

The Floating Farmhouse’s harmonious mixture of both traditional and modern styles makes it the perfect backdrop for our Spring collection, one that encapsulates many of the same sensibilities. Inspired by Japanese interiors, this collection strips things to their most basic and beautiful elements, highlighting clean lines, natural materials, and refreshing color palettes. From updates on some of our favorite styles to exciting collaborations with contemporary designers like Roar & Rabbit and Margo Selby, Spring 2016 is all about opening up. Let’s take a closer look!